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# Charname PvP / PK
1 1z 144 / 0
2 iJade 134 / 0
3 Blitz 133 / 0
4 Fengor 107 / 0
5 2Hot4Sex 101 / 0
6 BabinUbavec 92 / 0
7 Saruman 88 / 0
8 Prometheus 79 / 0
9 GrAnGiAn 73 / 0
10 MrsKiss 68 / 0
Server is LIVE.
Sorry for delay, we wanted to be sure everthing is fine better now then after live. Have Fun

Author: Administrator Fri 13 Feb 2015
Grand Opening FRIDAY THE 13th

Author: Administrator Wed 04 Feb 2015
Like, Share and Comment our facebook post for chance to win professional gaming gear.

Author: Administrator Fri 30 Jan 2015
Open Beta Test [OBT] Server is now Online!
OBT is now Online
Go to Download section for our last patch.
Frequent Restarts for updates are to be expected.

Author: Administrator Thu 22 Jan 2015


The only Server around with active English, Russian, Greek, Brazilian, Romanian, Bulgarian, German Support: Petitions, forums, skype, facebook (4 GameMasters(Special Events GM), 2 Developers, Sys Admin, DDoS Protection Administrator)

Our progressive development, infrastructure and active community deliver the most complete High Five experience.

We never wipe our servers(transfer accounts to new one if needed)
The Server is optimized to have minimal latency at full capacity.
Thousands of active players in-game and on forum at any time of the day.

This is our second server, first one was in 2013 with huge success and massive communty and players from all over the world.
Top Security is our priority - few different ways to protect your account.

Server Info:

Grand opening FEBRUARY
Exp 20, Sp 20, Spoil 12, Drop 12, Adena 12
Heroes every 2 weeks
Olympiad max enchant +8
Buff slots 26+4/16 - 2 hours buffs
Safe Enchant +4
Weekly Sieges And Territory Wars
Newbie gear for relaxed leveling
Drop Calculator
Unique Community board with all features that you need
Achievement and Ranking system
Votereward for server support
Good Class Balance
GM Shop: Up to low S-grade.
Event Engine with competative events +good rewards and Event GM
Daily, Weekly, Monthly organised Events and Tournaments
Live Streams

GRAND OPENING 13.02.2015

Author: Administrator Sun 21 Dec 2014
AGE 20x