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Dualsword Craft Stamp (Critical issue)

Discussion in 'General' started by Scorpyoon, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Dualsword Craft Stamp.
    This item is needed in order to make A/S duals. It can be obtained through Castle Manor.

    So far, Castle Sieges have been unnaturally delayed way more than they should have been. If delaying sieges was possible, you should also add the item in Donate Shop, since it's essential to Gladiator/Duelist class. At the moment, these classes can only get B grade duals.

    It is a simple item with a complicated way to obtain. I would strongly suggest against overpricing it in Donate Coins, as I'd actually advise in adding it to the shop for a price in adena.
    Price can be negociated or be put in a poll.

    P.S.: So far, Dion Siege is coming up. Keep in mind the server population and also that Manor in Dion area is not used too much, due to low level area. Dion Castle getting conquered may not solve the Dualsword Craft Stamp issue in the near future, so... one more reason to add it in Donate shop, at least temporarily.

    Thanks in advance! Waiting for reply.
  2. Or! make the other castles able to be sieged for next week :)
  3. Already added as 2 DC in the shop.

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