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[EN] L2Way now will be 8x officially

Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by Thunder, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. As we all know, there is a double rate event running on the server for a long time time and even then apparently things are not so easy on the server.

    This was not my intention initially. I think I thought of a High Five server when I thought of the rates. In High Five, if we have 4x rates, the game is very easy, but 4x for interlude is quite hard.

    As we already have the double rate event a long time ago, if I remove the event now, new players will complain that everyone has farmed in 8x and that now they are forced to farm in 4x. For this reason, I will be officially changing the server's rates to 8x, so it's a bit better to advertise the server because when you think of 4x and knowing it's so hard, you just give up without test the server.

    For those who have not yet seen, we will also have a new website. Some previews can be seen here:

    This should also bring new players because when viewing a site with 3 servers, it ends up bringing more confidence to the players because many know that several servers open and close every day and our case is different. The server wil be online for many and many years.
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  2. we ever farmed in 4x and its quite hard for us, but we dont conplain that, but pesonal think change rate 4- 6x thats good for all
  3. Maybie this changes can improve the server population .
    I hope it does !
  4. why the server is 8x and the drop/spoil is 1x?
  5. Is this applied only for exp and sp or all the rates gonna be adjusted?
  6. Today I started to spoil and it's not x1 for sure (at least in place i spoiled)...
  7. Spoil at this time, is 4x for chance, I don't remember about quantity.
    Anyway, when I finish the job for the new website, ill update that informations and ill adapt the server for all rates.
    Trust me, configure spoil is something of that I need to do with impressive care, because there is anythings with 30% of chance and maybe they can go to 120% of chance. Spoil should be configured almost manually (for the server alive for long time), if i do it in anyway and just over rate it, trust me, the server will die so fast.

    Again I'm gonna say: "11 years of experience with servers, says to me work with IMPRESSIVE TIME AND CARE on spoil rates".

    It is not easy to configure (chance) + (quantity)
    You should use so many filters, so many things to configure it.
    But for sure... materials I can go ahead and configure quantity little better, but for (parts of sets / weapons and enchants) I should take too much care with this.

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  8. Please keep it as it is now and don't raise it more. Now if spoil is set on x4 (or even 5 if i counted it right) is easy enough. Rising it more will cause it will be too easy and for sure will shorten server lifetime. Also please consider setting manor drop rates on low rate (i saw many servers died because of ppl can get a lot of mats too easy).

    I've (like a lot ppl more) choosen this server because i want to play low rate not mid nor high.
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  9. Yes, sure. I will just make the server officially with these rates, because we have an event working on the server almost since the server starts.
    This will not have changes, ill just update the website info and keep the server the same as the most time of the server online.
    If im not wrong, these rates are working since 1 week after we open the server.
  10. Ok, now im very surprised, after years without playing l2, today i was searching a old school, low rate, retail and new server to play again, found l2way, was about to register and.... "this email is already in use" my face was like: :eek:
    I played l2 on Brthunder server till it turned out Webthunder, 7 years to be precise, from my own experience i cam say: the staff is present, dedicated, cheaters get ban, classes were round... And this server will last!
    But i have to beg u, by the gods! Please dont put gmshop!!! Gender change, server change, subclass-to-mainclass change, name change, clean karma its ok, but in-game benefits like Gmshop just break the hell lose to free player, pls dont do it. :(
  11. There is nothing on the server by donations with that you cannot farm in game without donate.
  12. NPC de doações: Os itens serão liberados gradativamente no NPC de doações.

    And i just remembered, at 8x destiny server i had a pk 84, 3 subs, set elegia shild master, elegia blade +7, all bought wit 2 hard earned salary, had a clam lvl3 with about 2kkk, with all my 6 characters, wich should be the way to prevent inactive char ban... yet, i lost all my characters 6 months later...
    Needless to say: but bye, i wont get raped by a p2w server, nor i will waste 5 months to craft any s80 set or weapon, i read in other topic u need donations to get motivated to spend time working on server, hell dude, i would be wet in the phants working in a server earning all the money u earn every month!! Back there in brthunder, lot, half server donated 2 to 3 minimum wages to get full elegia... jesus, i almost got fooled by the "retail like" and "no gm shop" in the topzone... bye. Screenshot_20170929-041359.png

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