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Subclass by coins bug

Discussion in 'General' started by blurryface1, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Hi, i paid a few characters of mine the subclass by npc and i cant do it, i sent a ticket too, thank u.
  2. I have a scheduled upgrade on our server high five today. I'll take a look at the tickets tomorrow.
    But for sure ill fix it for you.
  3. any answer? i really need it, thx.
  4. Sorry for that delay blurryface, ill take a loot at this today.
    I'm very focused on the update in the high five server right now, but in a few hours ill take a look at this.
  5. Thunder i have the same issue he has, made a ticket yesterday but no news.
  6. Ill reply it now!
  7. Same problem. I dropped a ticket.
  8. Sorry that i insist so much, but i really need it please, make it a priority!
  9. Dude can u fix it? i am losing a lot of time, it has been 3 days already...
  10. fix it m8 -_-
  11. I already replied and solved all tickets yesterday. Anyone still need some help with this?

    The way will be:

    Add star of destiny and mimir's elixir on npc too. For me (my char thunder, i didn't tested with another char) it is working.
    It shows not working when a player already started the quest and they it makes you lose the coins.
    The best way, is to remove it from npc and then add quest parts via coins. It is better than some guys losing coins in npc.
  12. When will you implement this?
  13. So how can i skip the quest? just buy mimirs elixir?
  14. Yes, the items is already on npc. Check it in game!
  15. I dont know if this is a joke, but i bought star of destiny and mimir elixir and still need to do the quest, dear fucking god.
  16. Same problem here.
  17. mimir elixir


    star of destiny


    need to do the quest anyway.

  18. I don't know how players do it. But in a lot of older servers they bought it and do the quest in easy way.
    I'll try ask to our other Admin "HighLandeR" and for sure he know how to do it.
  19. Sorry for that guys. He just tell me direct mimir's elixir item doesn't work and already tested before in other servers.
    The way is...
    Put the items to create the pure silver in npc.
    I'll do it today and also who paid for that mimir's elixir, will be able to exchange mimir's elixir for that materials to create the pure silver.
  20. can you please refund me the coins.., thank u

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