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[EN] Updates 01-06-2019 (before grand opening)

Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by Thunder, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. - Modification in the drops of the bosses from 1x to 2x.
    - Modification in the drop of spoil only in the amount of basic materials, instead of falling from 1 in 1 will drop from 2 to 3.
    - Decreased the chance of crystais enchants from 80 to 75%, have also been tidied and are working perfectly.

    === TO DO ===
    I'll be analyzing, some things have already been decided that will be done and some of them I'm still analyzing if we should do it or not.

    1) Put as areas of flag or pvp the bosses of quetra and varkas.
    I see it as good and bad at the same time. SOLO players will not be able to do it in these places, it will be difficult for them to go there because they will take pk and if they do not have pk it will be even harder.
    I'll leave it to decide this after opening the server and it can be done in the next few days!
    (not yet decided)

    2) Increase the Queen Ant area so that chars above level 45 are expelled from there. Currently the area is small and high level chars are interfering in the dispute for the boss, that is, what will be done is to increase the area so that high level players can not get close to this area.
    (will be done in the next days)

    3) Enter the Sailren boss with a teleport by ADENA and enter 10% chance to drop a crystal level 13.
    (will be done in the next days)

    4) Hecaton, Braki, Tayr (Ketra) and Shaddit, Moss, Horus (Varka), insert drop of High, Top, BEAA, BEAS, BEWA and BEWS.
    (will be done in the next days)

    5) Increase the price of buffs when using macro, so that players who want to use the macro spend a little more adenas. Leave the buffs click to click with price of 1 adena to help the noobs and those who want to save adenas also have to use buffs 1 to 1 without macro.
    (will be done in the next days)

    6) Place CP for sale by adena (price must be defined).
    (will be done in the next days)

    7) Place summon buffs for 2 hours as well.
    (not yet decided)

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