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[EN] Updates 02 October 2019

Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by Thunder, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. === New players with shortcut bars already configured with some features.

    === Show Vip Account Time.

    === Chat announce Kill and Killing Spree.

    === Fixed elements and bonuses of Normal and Temporary Cloacks.

    === Fixed PvP Point (for sieges and zones still need to be adjusted to count pvp point).

    === Olympics only in Giram, 2 more NPCs have been added to facilitate registration.

    === Olympics can only be registered 1 char per computer.

    === Olympics requires 5 registered players to run.

    === Olympics closes every 1st and 15th of each month making us have a roughly 15 day cycle of fights.

    === Fixed control panel (OVER OUR WEBSITE) was not displaying chares within account

    === New accounts created via control panel (OVER OUR WEBSITE) get 7 days of vip account.

    === Server set to restart every Tuesday at 6 am.

    === Submitted 1200 Codex Mastery for chars that had skills stuffed on the previous server.

    === Fixed ALT + B FREE and PREMIUM Buffs (added stuffed buffs and more Premium Account Buffs).

    === Buff time set to 2 hours.

    === Cancel Return buffs modified from 30 seconds to 1 minute in normal server areas and 2 minutes in the Olympics.

    === Fixed Holy Pomander (Healer couldn't use) post server migration.

    === Temporary Boss Jewelry and Temporary Cloaks have been returned again with FULL time!

    === Coin of Luck exchange (reward from the old server event) has been placed option to be exchanged for 2 Adena Festivals.

    === Fixed number of screens that can be logged in to 4 screens.

    === Fixed FAME Point reward on sieges.

    === Fixed scrolls of escape where everyone was going to Giram.

    === Fixed ALT + B so it can be used from level 1 and not only at level 6.

    === Fixed Rate Drop - 2x.

    === Forgotten books are now free (auto get).

    === Subclass is now Free.

    === Fixed boss cancellation.

    === Improved chance of something coming to the Vote box as many were coming empty.

    === Inserted option in ALT + B Home "Character Control Panel" and "Add / Manage Subclasses".

    Commands that can be used (some are still under development / being fixed):

    .ach .achievements (show your archivements).

    .buffshield (protection against players who want to give you bad buffs).

    .openatod (open TODs).

    .away .back (show that you are away and .back to return to normal).

    .cfg .control (Charecter control panel).

    .combine .talisman (combine talismans).

    .clan (show information about server clans).

    .dressme (Visual Style option, you can wear a different outfit without unequipping your set).

    .fb .facebook (command used to receive rewards when advertising on the server on facebook).

    .party .invite .partylist (used to look for players wanting to party to farm).

    .npcspawn (used to summon npcs inside clan halls).

    .offline (create an offline trade shop).

    .online (number of online players on server / still being fixed to display actual number)

    .ping (check the SEND ping of your commands to the server, ie this is not a ping back, it's just a ping send, at which time the server receives your command).

    .poll (responder enquetes sobre o servidor).

    .repair (create a new character on the same account as a char that is buggy and use this command to log in the char that is buggy).

    .siege (show information about sieges).

    .stream (option for streamers reward / still being fixed).

    .stats (show char status).

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