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Welcome to L2Age Interlude and High Five Servers

We have a great and extremely trustworthy community that follows our servers from the very beginning. We have 02 online servers with specific characteristics to promote the best environment, depending on your play stile. Faris, our High Five server is a mid rate PVP server for those who likes to pvp, but don’t really want a really high rate server and all the issues that they usually have. Frenzy, our Interlude server is also a mid rate pvp server, but it is mainly for the old school players who didn't like the new Lineage 2 chronicles post Interlude. Both servers have their own community and are extremely stable. We are proud to deliver servers where players can play and have fun without worrying with wipes, rollbacks, corrupt staff members, pay to win donation systems or any of those issues that most of the Lineage 2 players are already tired of.

Our history goes back to 2006, when we first started to work with Lineage 2 servers. And since that moment, we never had any wipe, we are proud to achieve up times on both servers as high as 99,9% and we are always continuously working to improve both servers, bringing new features, new events, new anti-bot software's and such. We use only last generation hardware and the best files available on the market on our servers. We have an automatic daily backup system that makes a safe copy from our database and distribute it to 3 different locations to ensure we are safe from natural disasters or anything that could affect the backup and force us to rollback a server. Therefore you can remain calm, your progress in game is safe, and no matter what happens to the datacenter we use, you will not lose anything.

We have over 22.000 active users on our forums and they created over 97.000 posts. That’s is just an example of the size of our community. Come and join us on this adventure. Play in one of the most known servers available. The only server that is still running since 2006 and has literally 0 WIPES in its history. We will be waiting for you! Don’t forget to vote for us on the links on the right side of the site. By doing that, you will be helping us maintaining the quality of our servers and bringing new players to the community. In case of any doubts, issues or any sort of questions, do not hesitate to contact the staff through one of the available methods, and remain calm, because we will deal with your request as soon as possible.

Bot and Hack Protection - Read our Rules

Our servers are protected from most BOT software's and Hacking tools and we are constantly updating our anti-bot system. The simple attempt to login to any of our servers using an illegal software will result on banning all the accounts logged by that user on any of our the servers. In addition to our anti-bot system, server administrators regularly runs a checkup on the servers looking for players who might be using bots or any sort of hacking tools. Even if the user is a clan leader or periodically donates, the accounts won't be unbanned. We kindly ask you to carefully read the server rules in order to avoid further problems.