High Five

Faris x9999

Status: Off Line

Server that has evolved with a solid community since C3. We had update for C4, Interlude, Gracia and now High Five! New players start on the server with Set Top, Jewels Tops and Weapon Top. Clans lvl 11 with all skills. 7 days free VIP account. PvE farm area where it is possible to farm quietly!
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Furia x100

Status: 273 Players Online

Interlude 100x L2Age Furia Server multicraft with special PvP areas. Epic Bosses with PvP flat area and 2 hours of buffs on scheme buffer npc! Grand Opening 06 Jul 2018 and promises a lot of fun for all players who enjoy the game and so many PvP.
Server with guaranteed duration of 1 year!
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